Brand Authority Summit’s agenda aims to provide attendees with the best in education. Agenda topics focus on ensuring attendees learn how to best position themselves for growth in the “Amazon sandbox” while controlling the key levers that motivate marketing and sales executives. These factors include branding, consistent pricing, efficient advertising spend, and more.

A sampling of the presentation topics:

  • How are effective brands adjusting to the disruption caused by – from both the Amazon company and the millions of sellers
  • IP protection to drive growth on
  • How to leverage programs that Amazon has introduced to help brands
  • How to get ahead of programs that Amazon has introduced that may hinder brands
  • How to deal with counterfeit products online
  • The impact of different distribution models on the ability of the brand to be in control
  • How to leverage the Amazon marketplace to drive growth for your brand
  • How online brand control opens up other growth opportunities for your brand
  • What makes Amazon advertising critical to a brand’s overall online advertising efforts, and overall sales efforts

A full agenda will be released soon!

Join us for the opportunity to connect with hundreds of senior brand executives.

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